Our Founder

Singaporean philanthropist Ms Kris Tan is the founder of the Kris Foundation, a member of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Ladies’ League, and a seven-time recipient of the National Arts Council’s Patron of the Arts Award, including the Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award in 2019.

Since initiating the Kris Foundation in 2009, Ms Tan has supported over 50 young musicians and composers, aiding the launch of their careers through the Foundation’s well-established recital series, financial aid in the form of scholarships, and empowerment through community bonding.

Highly invested in the Kris Foundation, Ms Tan is heavily involved in its strategic development, planning of each concert and travels frequently to keep abreast with the music activities of young Singaporeans.

The arts has allowed me to engage with the vibrant, diverse personalities involved and experience the beauty of how the arts brings people together.
— Ms Kris Tan, Founder, Kris Foundation